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The City of Holden, Missouri is a vibrant community of roughly 2,000 residents located about fifty miles from Kansas City.  It was built in 1857 in anticipation of the arrival of the Pacific Railroad, largely due to the efforts of Isaac Jacobs and Samuel Cummings.  The town was named in honor of Major N.B. Holden, a member of the legislature and a major figure in bringing the railroad to the area.  Holden was first registered in a plat (land plot map) on April 27, 1858.  It was later incorporated in 1861.

Want to read more about Holden's history?  See the links or documents below.  We also recommend that you contact the Johnson County Historical Society in Warrensburg, MO and/or follow them on Facebook!

Western Johnson County History

Carry A Nation, Holden Resident

John Barkley, War Hero & Holden resident

Edgar Lewis, Director and Actor

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Main Street Holden MO

Main Street Holden