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Clarification on the GO Bond Vote


Clarification about GO (General Obligation) Bond Election Results


Although, to some, the GO Bond appeared to pass by a simple majority of the election

results, Missouri State Law (quoted below) states that any Bond issue must pass by a

4/7ths majority.


While the election results have not been certified, at this time it appears the residents of

the City of Holden failed to pass the bond under these rules.


The pumper truck still needs to be replaced. Needed repairs still need to be done on

city buildings. Hard decisions will have to be made in the coming months.


The City Council and the Mayor will work with what the voters have decreed without letting this disappointment cloud their decisions.


We want to thank everyone that came out to vote this week and we ask for the public’s patience as we navigate the coming year.


91.660.  Bond issues — authorization, approval. — …The approval of the voters of

such municipality shall be required …  A four-sevenths majority of the voters voting for

the proposition shall constitute an approval…

Full statute at:  https://revisor.mo.gov/main/OneSection.aspx?section=91.660


Thank you.

Holden City Council

Ray Briscoe, Mayor